Venturing together

We are an accounting firm that wants to break through traditional thinking. Why look back when the future is ahead? What are figures without a proper analysis?  We want to venture together with you.  Astutely advising for the future. Stimulating and inspiring you.

Our Manifesto

At Lansigt we see things differently. We look for the game between the lines. And for the question to the answer. We see the businessman, the challenges he or she faces, the risks and the possibilities.

We want to encourage entrepreneurs to realise their challenge responsibly. This needs a different sort of accountant. One who dares to  take the rough tracks. One who thinks about that point on the horizon. With the knowledge of today but also curious for tomorrow. One who doesn’t only think differently, but also acts that way.

Our accountants and advisors can do just that! They have two important characteristics in common: empathy and inventiveness. Together with our clients we rise above the mediocrity, that gives energy! Going for the future!