International services

Are you doing business across borders and in different countries? You will face complex international problems. What about the VAT? Which laws and regulations apply to your business? How do you deal with foreign workers? We support and advise you on all aspects of international business.

Cross-border support

We know that doing cross-border business is challenging. Many of our clients are internationally active or have participations abroad. Local expertise is a must since laws and regulations differ per country, for example regulations concerning annual reporting. Language can also form an obstacle.

We act as a group auditor for international groups and we ensure a firm accountancy check regularly. We also advise on international legal and tax matters. Foreign taxs rules can have an enormous impact on the success of your activities. We keep an eye on the consequences of your international activities so we can use the opportunities for your business in full.

Cooperation with foreign professionals.

Wherever you are, we offer you our integral services of a uniform, high quality. Therefore we are connected with the International Practice Group ( IPG). The IPG is a worldwide partnership with independent accountants, tax specialists, lawyers and other professionals.

As a member of IPG we use the expertise of our partner organisations abroad. Vice versa are we called for help by our foreign partners for Dutch questions. We meet each other several times a year and consult regularly with our partner organisations. Thus we use each other’s knowledge and skills. We can accompany you skilfully in international business. From Belgium to Siberia or even further.

Some of our international services:

  • Setting up administration
  • Tax laws and regulations and application of tax treaties between countries
  • Expat services
  • VAT
  • Audit
  • Employment law
  • Legal advice
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll administration
  • Subsidies

Your business partner abroad

Do you have international ambitions or do you already have business abroad? Our experienced team is looking forward to helping you with your international challenges and questions.