Much in life depends on coincidences

At the networking fair you didn’t want to attend, you met someone who turned out to become your most profitable client yet. Due to the fire in your warehouse you were forced to reinvent your company structure, which helped your business tremendously. A bothersome error message had your IT team update all systems just before an attempted cyber-attack

Still, many people try to plan their lives in such a way that doesn’t leave much room for coincidence. They like to decide what happens, when it happens and how it happens. Because success is self-made, isn’t it? We tell each other, and more importantly ourselves: ‘I have to create my own path’ or ‘success is a choice’.

This of course sounds amazing and motivates to take action, until you encounter a setback and need to spend all your energy to keep your company afloat. Success turns out to be less makable than you initially thought. You are dependent on coincidences to a greater extent than expected

Does this mean you should just let things be?

No, it doesn’t. It means you need to develop comprehension.

Because one who comprehends, is prepared for coincidence.

Comprehension means to understand what is happening and keeping track of the big picture. It doesn’t mean you need to plan every minor detail, because that is simply impossible. Instead you need to look ahead and back, create scenarios based on your findings and prepare based on the chances a scenario might become reality.

Comprehending your financial situation is an essential part of these preparations. And we are here to help. We can help prevent administrative backlogs, define simple financial controls and explain your financial situation in understandable language.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak to a couple of entrepreneurs and further explain their finances to them. I saw their comprehension grow on the spot. I still enjoy seeing that.

Because comprehension leads to more grip on the enterprise.

2 June 2023