COVID-19 and measures taken by the Dutch government

COVID-19 and measures taken by the Dutch government

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The coronavirus COVID-19, and the measures taken to restrict the spreading of the coronavirus in the Netherlands, mean significant loss of turnover for many businesses. This article lists the measures the Dutch government is taking to help entrepreneurs affected by the crisis.

Up to date info from the Dutch government

Please be referred to this webpage to keep yourself informed on the most actual measures.

Read the latest information

Check your measures

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and have produced an interactive pdf that will help you find out which measures are in place for you. You can find it here.

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Should you need assistance, please contact one of our international contact persons. They will help you or bring you in contact with our Lansigt Corona-serviceteam for the specific field needed.

Summary measures taken by the Dutch Government

The measures now in place are:

Tax options for entrepreneurs

There are several tax options for entrepreneurs, please contact our Lansigt team for the most actual info. Also you could call with the Tax Information Line.

Call the Tax Information Line
Since the information on the tax options offered to entrepreneurs during the coronavirus crisis is mostly only available in Dutch, it would be wise to consult the Tax Information Line if Dutch isn't your primary language. The number for resident entrepreneurs is +31 (0)800 0543; non-residents can call +31(0)55 538 53 85.

Of course you can also contact the Lansigt team (mentioned above)

Information and advice

You can turn to these organisations for further information and advice:

National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, RIVM

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK)

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

World Health Organization (WHO)

FME, technology sector organisation

Discl.: the information has been collected form the official government sites and could be subject to amendments. Lansigt cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy.

Robert Bioch MSc RA

Robert Bioch MSc RA

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